Download IGNOU Question Paper Now : 2022 (Updated)

In this article, I am going to tell you about IGNOU Question Paper like its importance, why we need to download and many more, so let’s start.

Millions of students all around India receive their education from the renowned distance educational organization Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The question paper is one of the most important aspects of this university’s examination procedure. We are going to discuss the importance of IGNOU question papers, their structure, and how to get ready for them during this article.

The Importance of IGNOU Question Paper:-

The importance of IGNOU question papers for students choosing distance learning cannot be stressed. These papers aid students in getting ready for the big test. They give a thorough knowledge of the exam format and the kinds of questions that might be asked on the final examination. By answering the exam questions from the previous year, students can also evaluate their performance. This enables them to identify their advantages and disadvantages and work on the subjects that need development.

The IGNOU question papers also act as a guide for students to understand the level of the exam’s difficulty. The papers are created by professionals and adhere to the university’s norms and syllabus. As a result, students have a better understanding of the types of questions that might be asked on the exam, which helps in their preparation.

ignou previous year question paper

Why You Should Download IGNOU Question Paper 2022?

It can be beneficial to download IGNOU’s previous year’s question paper for the following reasons:

1. Understanding Exam Pattern: Exam question types and patterns can be better understood by students by studying previous years’ question papers. Students can more effectively and more effectively prepare with the use of this material.

2. Practice: Students get the chance to improve their topic knowledge and put it to the test by solving questions from past years’ exams. They can also use it to determine their benefits as well as their drawbacks.

3. Time management: Students can improve their time management abilities by practising the previous year’s exam questions. Students can learn how to efficiently manage their time throughout the exam and complete the paper within the time allotted.

4. Increases Confidence: When students become more comfortable with the exam structure and the kinds of questions offered, practising with the previous year’s exam questions helps increase their confidence. They may perform better and approach the exam with a positive outlook if they do this.

How To Download Ignou Question Paper 2022 Pdf Download?

1. Go to the official website of IGNOU (


2. Click on the “Student Support” tab on the homepage.
From the dropdown menu, Click on “Student Zone“.and

ignou date sheet 2023

3. Now New page will be open then click on “Question Papers.”

ignou question paper downlaod

Select the exam term and year for which you want to download the question paper.

ignou question paper 2022

4. Choose the program for which you want to download the question paper.

5. I am clicking on the “December 2022” button to see the list of available question papers.

6. Select the question paper you want to download and click on Dec 2022 the download link.

ignou dec 2022 question paper

The question paper will be downloaded in PDF format.

You can also save a copy of the downloaded question paper on your device for future reference.


In conclusion, downloading IGNOU question papers is important for preparing for exams exam preparation, regardless of whether they’re guesses or previous-year papers. These papers provide learners with an opportunity to practise and evaluate their topic knowledge while also helping them in understanding the exam format and the kinds of questions that will be asked. Moreover, working on time management skills, boosting confidence, and increasing exam success rates are all benefits of question paper practice. To succeed in their IGNOU exams, it is advised that students download and practise with these papers.

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