How To Download IGNOU Assignment?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) may need you to download ignou assignments before submitting them if you are a student doing one of their courses. Assignments are a crucial component of the evaluation process for the courses offered by IGNOU at the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate levels.

What Is IGNOU Assignment?

The IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) assignment is an important part of the assignment process for students enrolled in university courses. The assignments that students are required to complete and submit to their study centres for evaluation are known as the assignments.

IGNOU Assignment

The assignments are a significant component of the course evaluation and play a significant role in determining the student’s final marks. In order to guarantee good grades, it is crucial that the students take the assignments seriously and submit them on time.

The distance learning institution IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) in India provides a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes. As part of their study, IGNOU students are obliged to turn in assignments for each topic to the college. Students at IGNOU have the option of downloading their assignments on the school’s website. A step-by-step tutorial for downloading IGNOU assignments is provided here.

Step To Download IGNOU Assignment:-

Step 1:- The initial step is to go to IGNOU’s official website. Find the “Student Support” option in the menu bar and click it once the website has loaded.

Step 2: Choose the “Student Support” menu item.

A drop-down menu will display after selecting the “Student Support” option. Choose the ‘Student Zone’ option from the menu. Then Click On “Assignments”.

Step 3: Choose the Assignment (Programme Wise)

You will be taken to a new page after choosing the “Assignments” option, where you must choose your programme. From the given programme like Bacleors/Masters/PG Diploma etc., select the programme you want, then click on it.

Now Next page will open after choosing the programme then you need to choose your course code like BAG/BCOMG/MA etc.

Step 4: Choose a subject and download the assignment.

After choosing your programme, a list of subjects will appear. Click on the subject you want to download the assignment for, then choose it. The download link for the assignment is located on the page that will be displayed after the redirect. To obtain the assignment in PDF format, click the link.

Step 5: Print the assignment and save it.

Save the assignment to your computer or mobile device after downloading it. If you’d rather turn in a hard copy of the assignment, you can print it off as well.

Where I Submit IGNOU Assignment:-

To submit your IGNOU assignment, you must adhere to the instructions given by the university. You will often be asked to turn in assignments to the study centre that IGNOU allotted to you when you were admitted. The processes for submitting your IGNOU assignment are as follows:-

1. Follow the guidelines in the assignment booklet to complete the assignment.

2. On the first page of the assignment, make sure to include your enrollment number, programme code, and course code.

3. A copy of the assignment should be kept on you for reference.

4. Before the due date, submit the assignment to the study centre.

5. You have two options for submitting the assignment: in person or by mail to the study centre’s specified address. Make care to deliver the assignment via post well in advance of the due date to prevent any delays.

6. Once you’ve submitted the assignment, be sure to keep the acknowledgement sheet or receipt as proof of delivery.


Finally, obtaining IGNOU assignments is a quick and straightforward process that only requires a few basic steps. Students can rapidly download their assignments and turn them in on time by following the instructions above. It is important to keep in mind that if assignments are sent in beyond the deadline, the university will not accept them.

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