What to do if IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated? – A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a student enrolled in the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), you might have encountered a situation where your assignment marks were not updated on time or were inaccurately recorded. This can be an unsettling experience, leading to anxiety and uncertainty about your academic progress. However, there’s no need to worry. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on what to do if IGNOU assignment marks are not updated. Whether you’re facing this issue for the first time or have encountered it before, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to resolve it effectively.

IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated

Top 5 Reasons for IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated:

1. Missing First/Front Page Of Your Assignment – Make sure that you put in your front page assignment.

ignou assignment front page

2. Missing Course code/Subjects code – One thing to remember while submitting the TMA in the study centre is to write the Course code details. Otherwise your marks will not update.

3. Incorrect Information – Ensure you have provided the correct information, such as enrolment number, subject code, programme code, etc., on the front page. Otherwise, they will not consider your assignment.

4. Wrong Question Paper Attached – Sometimes, students get confused in the session and attach the wrong question paper. As a result, their marks are not updated when they might be.

5. Delay In the Evaluation Process – IGNOU assigns tutors to evaluate TMA. It can take some time for your teacher to examine your assignments and update your status due to a large number of students.

Remember These Points if IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated:

1. Understanding the Importance of Assignment Marks

Before we delve into the steps to address the issue, let’s first understand the significance of assignment marks in IGNOU’s evaluation system. Assignments play a crucial role in your overall grade as they carry substantial weight. They provide an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course material, critical thinking skills, and ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-life situations. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your assignment marks are accurately recorded to reflect your true academic performance.

2. Patience, Persistence, and Contacting IGNOU Authorities

If you find that your assignment marks are not updated on the official IGNOU portal, the first and foremost step is to remain patient and persistent. It is not uncommon for delays to occur during the evaluation and updating process, considering the vast number of students and assignments involved. Give the university some time to address the issue.

If several days have passed since the expected update date, you can proceed to contact IGNOU authorities. You can reach out to your regional center or the relevant department via phone, email, or in-person visit. When contacting them, be polite, provide your enrollment details, and explain the problem you’re facing. The university officials are there to assist you, and they will do their best to resolve the issue promptly.

3. Cross-Check Your Submission

As you wait for a response from IGNOU, take this time to cross-check your assignment submission details. Ensure that you submit the assignments on time and follow the guidelines provided by the university. Sometimes, minor mistakes like incomplete or incorrect submissions can lead to delays in the evaluation process. By verifying your submission, you can rule out any errors from your end.

4. Check for Online Notifications

While you await a resolution from the university, regularly check the IGNOU website and your student portal for any official notifications regarding assignment updates. The university often communicates important information through such channels. Stay vigilant and look out for any updates or announcements that might shed light on the delay.

5. Seek Support from Fellow Students

You’re not alone in this situation, as other students might be facing similar issues. Engage with your peers through online forums, social media groups, or student communities. Sharing experiences can be beneficial, and you might find some useful insights or advice from those who have overcome similar challenges in the past.

6. Escalating the Issue if Required

If a considerable amount of time has passed, and your assignment marks are still not updated, you can escalate the matter to higher authorities within the university. Reach out to the controller of examinations or the relevant department head to seek further assistance. Make sure to maintain a record of all your communications and interactions throughout the process.

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What to do if IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated?

If your assignment marks are not getting updated then follow these steps:

Step 1. Check IGNOU Assignment Marks status only after one month of submitting the assignment, as one month is the minimum period.

IGNOU Assignment Marks are not updated

Step 2. If your result comes in the first update of assignment status, then it is good, if it does not come then wait for one more week because there are more chances of marks being updated in the second update.

Step 3. Even after the completion of the first and second steps, if your assignment marks are not updated, then you have to go to your study centre where you had submitted your assignments.

Step 4. Keep in mind that you must have the assignment submission slip and your IGNOU I-Card. When you visit your study centre.

Step 5. Show the assignment submission slip to the officials at your study centre or give a copy to them so that they can check and tell you when your marks will be updated or for what reason they have not been updated.

Note: I hope after completing these 5 steps your assignment marks will be updated, if not then follow the last 6th step.

Step 6. You can also get a reply from IGNOU head office through RTI (Right To Information) within one month, in which you will get complete information through reply of RTI, You will have to file an RTI and give your admission and assignment submission details.

I hope you have got the answers to all your questions, If you have any questions, you can WhatsApp me, the WhatsApp number is available on the website homepage.

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1. Q: What should I do if my assignment marks are updated inaccurately?
– If you notice any discrepancies in the updated marks, promptly contact the university authorities and inform them about the issue. Provide them with the necessary evidence, such as your original submission and graded assignments, to support your claim.

2. Q: Can I request a re-evaluation of my assignments?
– Yes, within a given time frame, students can apply to IGNOU for a reevaluation of their assignments. If you believe your marks are not reflective of your efforts, you can submit a re-evaluation request along with the necessary fee.

3. Q: How long does it take for the re-evaluation process to be completed?
– The re-evaluation process usually takes a few weeks, depending on the volume of requests received by the university. Be patient and regularly check your student portal for updates.

4. Q: What if my assignment marks are not updated even after re-evaluation?
– In rare cases, the issue may persist even after re-evaluation. If this happens, don’t lose hope. Reach out to the higher authorities in the university and explain the situation in detail. They will guide you further.

5. Q: Will my grades be affected if the assignment marks are not updated on time?
– If your assignment marks are not updated on time, it might lead to a delay in the declaration of your final grade. However, once the issue is resolved, your grades will be accurately reflected.

6. Q: Can I request an extension for assignment submission due to this issue?
– If the delay in assignment marks update has affected your ability to complete future assignments, you can seek an extension. Contact your course coordinator or department for guidance.


Encountering delays in the update of IGNOU assignment marks can be unnerving, but it’s crucial to remain calm and take proactive steps to resolve the issue. Remember to be patient, and persistent, and communicate with the university authorities. Cross-check your submission and seek support from fellow students if needed. If the problem persists, escalate it to higher authorities and explore the option of re-evaluation. By following these steps and staying proactive, you can ensure that your assignment marks are accurately updated, and your academic journey remains smooth.

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