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Ignou Assignment Status: One of the most well-known open colleges in the nation is the Indira Gandhi National Open University, or IGNOU. The institution, which was established in 1985, offers multiple undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programmes in a variety of academic fields. IGNOU asks its learners to hand in assignments for each course they are registered for as a component of the evaluation procedure. The status of an IGNOU assignment will be covered in this article, along with its definition, methods of confirmation, and significance for students.

What is IGNOU Assignment Status?

Let’s first define an assignment before getting into the mechanics of the IGNOU assignment status. An assignment is a piece of writing that is provided to learners to evaluate their understanding of a specific subject or topic. For each course they register for, IGNOU provides its students with several assignments. In the written exam of the student’s performance, these assignments are given a specific amount of weight.

The status of the assignments that students enrolled in the university have submitted is known as their IGNOU assignment status. Whether the assignments have been received, evaluated, or are still waiting is indicated. To avoid missing any deadlines and to be capable of following their progress, students must be aware of the status of their assignments.

How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status?

IGNOU has made it easy for students to check their assignment status online. Here are the steps to follow:

Google Home Page

Step 1: Visit the Google Home Page at www.google.com

Google Home Page Search

Step 2: On the home page of Google search here for ‘IGNOU Assignment Status‘.

Step 3: On the next page you will see the link (𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐆𝐍𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐒 𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐂𝐊), click on it.

ignou assignment status check

Step 4: On the Results page, Enter your enrollment number and select your program from the dropdown.
ignou assignment status enter details

Step 5: Click on the Submit button.

Step 6: Your assignment/Practical/Project Marks Submission Status status will be displayed on the screen.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023


It is important to note that the assignment/Practical/Project Marks Submission Status may take some time to update after the submission. If the status is not available, students should wait for a few days before checking again.

What Does the IGNOU Assignment Status Mean for Students?

The IGNOU assignment status is very important for university-enrolled students. The assignment status shows the following, among other things:

Assignment Submission: The status of the assignment shows whether or not the student has submitted it. To prevent any fines, students should make sure they submit their assignments by the given deadline.

Evaluation: The tutor assigned to you examines the assignments when they are submitted off. The assignment status shows whether or not the assignments have been completed.

Performance: The assignment status also shows how well a student did on their assignments. On the status page, the grades or marks from the assignments are shown. This information can be used by students to monitor their growth and improve their areas of weakness.

Eligibility: The student’s eligibility to take the term-end exam also depends on the assignment status. Students are not allowed to appear for the examinations if they have not submitted their assignments or received less than the required minimum marks.

Tips for Students to Check IGNOU Assignment Status

Here are some tips for students to check their IGNOU assignment status:

1. Keep Your Enrollment Number Handy:
It is the important key to accessing your IGNOU Assignment Status.

2. Check The IGNOU Assignment Status Regularly:
Do not wait until the last minute to check the status as it may lead to confusion and panic.

3. Understand the Marking System:
IGNOU follows a relative grading system/Marking System, which means the grades are based on the performance of all the students in the class. Students should aim to perform better than their peers to get good grades.

4. Seek help if needed:
If students face any issues with the assignment status, they should contact the IGNOU regional centre or the study centre for assistance.

5. Keep A Record of the IGNOU Assignment Submission Slip:
Students should keep a copy of their submitted assignments and the receipt of submission to avoid any confusion or disputes.

6. Follow the Guidelines Of IGNOU Assignment Submission:
Students should read the assignment guidelines carefully and follow them to ensure that their assignments meet the required criteria.

IGNOU Assignment Status FAQ:

Q1: How can I check my assignment submission status in IGNOU?
Ans: Click On this given direct link of IGNOU Assignment Status – Click Here

Q2: How many days it take to update the assignment status in IGNOU?
Ans: It usually takes 30-45 days after submitting your assignment.

Q3: What are the average assignment marks in IGNOU?
Ans: It depends on how you write your assignment (Approximately 70-90 marks).

Q4: Can we submit assignments after the last date in IGNOU?
Ans: No

Q5: When should I submit my IGNOU assignments?
Ans: To avoid any difficulty, you should submit your IGNOU assignments within the given deadline. Assignments that are submitted late may have points taken off, which will affect your final grade. The submission deadline for assignments is mentioned on the IGNOU website.

Q6: What are the passing marks for IGNOU assignments?
Ans: For IGNOU assignments, 50 out of 100 is the threshold. However, to be eligible for the term-end exams, students should aspire to achieve more than the minimum passing scores.

Q7: What happens if I fail to submit my IGNOU assignments?
Ans: If you fail to submit your IGNOU assignments before the deadline, you will not be eligible for the term-end examinations. It is, therefore, Compulsory to submit your assignments before the deadline to avoid any difficulties.


The IGNOU assignment status is an essential element of the university students’ assessment procedure. It details the status of the assignments that the students have submitted and their performance on them. To avoid any problems, students should follow the instructions and frequently check the status of their assignments. Students who plan well and prepare well can excel in their assignments and earn high marks.

To avoid difficulties, it is also crucial for students to submit their assignments by the given deadline. Assignments that are turned in late risk losing points, which can affect how well they are scored overall. To be eligible for the term-end exams, students should make an effort to get more than the required minimum passing mark.

Lastly, Students at IGNOU should also be aware of the value of the examiners’ comments. To enhance their performance coming the future, students should take feedback seriously as it is a crucial component of the assignment evaluation process.

They may identify areas for growth, understand their weaknesses and potential, and improve their entire learning experience by utilizing the feedback given by the assessors. Students should therefore carefully consider the evaluations supplied by the examiners and implement what they learn to enhance their performance on the following assignment.

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