IGNOU Convocation: All You Need to Know

You must be excited to attend the IGNOU Convocation ceremony to receive your degree or diploma if you are an Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) student. Every student should attend the convocation ceremony because it represents the successful completion of their academic career. All you need to know about the IGNOU convocation, including its importance, standards, registration requirements, and FAQs, will be covered in this article.

ignou convocation

Importance of IGNOU Convocation:

The IGNOU convocation marks the end of every student’s learning career once they have completed their degree or diploma programme. Students and their families who get to attend the graduation ceremony and watch their loved ones earn their degree or diploma find the ceremony to be a proud time.

Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU Convocation:

You must have successfully finished your degree or diploma programme at the university in order to be eligible to attend the IGNOU convocation. You should also have completed every exam and submitted every assignment and project that was required. By going to the official IGNOU website, you can verify whether you qualify for the convocation.

What Happens In IGNOU Convocation?

The university distributes degrees, diplomas, and certificates to its students who have completed their programs and courses at the IGNOU convocation, which is a formal ceremony. What normally happens at an IGNOU convocation ceremony is as follows:

1. Awarding of Degrees: The graduating students are awarded their degrees, diplomas, and certificates by the chief guest of the convocation.

2. Address by Chief Guest: A notable person from the academic or public sphere is invited to deliver a speech to the graduating students and offer words of encouragement for their future endeavours.

3. Address by Vice Chancellor: The Vice-Chancellor of the university also addresses the students and congratulates them on their achievements.

4. Distribution of Medals and Awards: Medals and awards are presented to the students who have excelled in their studies and made significant contributions to the university.

5. Oath-taking: The graduating students take an oath to uphold the values and principles of the university and society.

6. Group Photographs: The graduating students take group photographs to commemorate their achievements.

7. Cultural Programs: Cultural programs are organized to celebrate the occasion and provide entertainment to the guests.

Registration Process for IGNOU Convocation:

The IGNOU convocation registration process is very straightforward, and it may be completed online through the official website. The steps in the registration process are as follows:

  1. Visit the official IGNOU website and click on ‘Register Online‘.ignou convocation 2023
  2.  From The Drop Down Menu Select the option ‘20th to 35th Convocation Degree/Diploma‘ Option.
  3. After clicking on the ‘20th to 35th Convocation Degree/Diploma‘ Option you will be redirected to the new window where you can see ‘Student Registration/Login‘.ignou convocation homepage ignou convocation login
  4. After reading the General Instruction, Click on Declaration Box.
  5. Now You can click on ‘I Agree and Procced‘.Then Choose and click on the Apply for Degree/Diploma/Certificate‘ Option.convocation apply
  6. On the new page, If You already have login details then Fill in the required details, such as your enrollment number, password, and secure code.ignou convocation login page
  7. If You don’t have login details then you need to click on ‘New Student Registration‘.ignou convocation new registration page
  8. After getting login details then login again into the registration portal.
  9. Now Fill in the all required details like enrollment number, Programme code, date of birth, subject code etc.
  10. Pay the convocation fee online using a debit/credit card or net banking.
    Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration number.

Note: You Can Apply In 20th Convocation of IGNOU,21st Convocation of IGNOU,22nd Convocation of IGNOU,23rd Convocation of IGNOU,24th Convocation of IGNOU,25th Convocation of IGNOU,26th Convocation of IGNOU,27th Convocation of IGNOU,28th Convocation of IGNOU,29th Convocation of IGNOU,30th Convocation of IGNOU,31st Convocation of IGNOU,32th Convocation of IGNOU,33rd Convocation of IGNOU,IGNOU 34th Convocation 2021 & 35th Convocation of IGNOU so follow same procedure.

Documents Required for IGNOU Convocation:

On the day of the convocation ceremony, you will be required to carry the following documents:

1. Original degree/diploma certificate.
2.IGNOU convocation registration slip.
3. Photo ID proof (Aadhar card, driving license, passport, etc.)

IGNOU Convocation FAQs:

1. What is the fee for attending the IGNOU convocation?
The convocation fee for IGNOU varies from year to year. You can check the current fee structure on the official website.

2. Can I attend the convocation without registering online?
No, you cannot attend the convocation without registering online.

3. Can I collect my degree/diploma certificate at the convocation ceremony?
Yes, you can collect your degree/diploma certificate on the day of the convocation ceremony.

4. Can I attend the convocation ceremony if I have not completed my course yet?
No, you can only attend the convocation ceremony if you have completed your degree or diploma course.

5. Can I register for the convocation after the deadline has passed?
No, you cannot register for the convocation after the deadline has passed.


You must be qualified and register online through the official website in anticipation of attending the convocation. We believe that you now have all the information you require about the IGNOU convocation ceremony after reading this article.


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