IGNOU Guide : A Helpbook For IGNOU Students

In this article, I am going to tell you about IGNOU Guide let’s start, The prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programmes in a variety of subjects. One of the largest open educational universities worldwide, the university offers remote learning options to students all around the globe. IGNOU Helpbook is an essential tool for students doing university courses because it offers thorough information and direction on the subject matter.

IGNOU helbook

What is IGNOU Guide / Helpbook?

The IGNOU Helpbook is a thorough manual that provides support and direction to students enrolled in IGNOU courses. It is a useful resource that provides in-depth details about the course material, test structure, and other crucial elements of the course. The Helpbook is created to meet the needs of students enrolled in university courses through online learning.

Features of IGNOU Guide / Helpbook:-

The IGNOU Helpbook is a thorough manual that goes over every part of the course. The following are some of the Helpbook’s main components:

1. Course Material:- Textbooks, study guides, and other pertinent materials are all covered in great detail in the course material section of the help book. It aids students in comprehending the course material and offers advice on how to properly study.

2. Examination Pattern: The Helpbook includes thorough details on the exam structure, including the kinds of questions that will be asked, how long the exam will last, and the evaluation tool. It aids in exam preparation and enhances student performance.

Benefits of IGNOU Guide / Helpbook:-

Students who are enrolled in university courses might benefit greatly from the IGNOU Helpbook. It provides the following advantages:

1. Detailed Information: The Helpbook contains detailed information on the readings and exam structure. It aids in students’ comprehension of the course material and effective exam preparation.

2. Time-saving: By putting all the important information in one location, the Helpbook helps students save a lot of time. The Helpbook contains all the information students require, so they don’t need to look it out elsewhere.

3. Accessibility: The Helpbook is simple for students to access at any time and anywhere because it is offered in print and digital formats.

4. Cost-Effective: For students who cannot afford costly coaching classes, the Helpbook is a cost-effective option. At a reasonable cost, it offers all the guidance and information required.

Top 5 IGNOU Guide / Helpbook Seller In India:-

According to the learners at IGNOU, I can tell you about the top 5 publishers of IGNOU Helpbooks:

1. Neeraj Publication:-

ignou neeraj publication

A well-known publisher of academic books and study materials is Neeraj Publishing, which also produces Helpbooks for various IGNOU courses. They have been offering IGNOU study materials for so many years and are famous for their exceptional quality and accuracy.

2. Gullybaba Publishing House (GPH):

ignou gully baba

Another well-known publisher of IGNOU Helpbooks is Gullybaba Publishing House. They provide a wide selection of study guides and textbooks for the many IGNOU courses, including diploma, master’s, and bachelor’s programmes.

3. Ramesh Publishing House:

ignou ramesh publishing house

Ramesh Publishing House is a renowned producer of academic publications and study aids, such as Helpbooks for various academic courses and competitive tests.

4. Surjeet Publications:

ignou Surjeet Publications

IGNOU course help books are published by Surjeet Publishing, a reputable source for academic books and study tools. For many years, they have offered study materials for a variety of academic courses, and they are renowned for their excellence and precision.

5. Nava Telangana Publications:-

A well-known publisher of academic books and study materials is Nava Telangana Publications, which also produces Helpbooks for IGNOU courses. Their books are renowned for their calibre and correctness, and they provide a large selection of IGNOU Helpbooks and study resources for numerous courses.


Q1: Which guide is best for IGNOU?

Ans: Ignou Guide Book Publisher produces two or three important publications. Neeraj Publications and Gullibaba Publishing House are the first and second, both of which are situated in Delhi.

Q2: Does IGNOU provide books?

Ans: Absolutely, the students of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are given books. When a student enrols in a programme, the university sends or couriers the books and other materials to the student’s address. Textbooks, ebooks, assignments, and other important materials that are required for the course are included in the study material. Students can also obtain e-books and textbooks from the IGNOU official website.

Q3: Can we order IGNOU books online?

Ans: The greatest IGNOU Help books for all subjects are available here for students to purchase.
For Bachelors Course –
For Masters Course –

Q4: Is it difficult to pass IGNOU exams?

Ans: Each topic has several elements that students need to examine and address in their assignments and examinations. Even though IGNOU conducts a full examination and that the degree seems challenging, completing is not impossible.

Q5: How many marks are considered good in IGNOU?

Ans: 50% to 59.9% are considered good marks in IGNOU.


For students studying university courses, the IGNOU Helpbook is a valuable element. The course material, exam structure, and other important course components, offer thorough guidance and knowledge. The Helpbook is made to meet the requirements of students who are enrolled in distance learning courses. It is a time-saving, cost-effective solution that combines all the relevant data in one place. In order to improve their academic performance and succeed, it is advised that all students enrolled in IGNOU courses use the Helpbook.

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