Candidates can calculate their percentage once they have received their complete results and a grade card from IGNOU University (IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 June & December). Based on the results of the theory examination and the assignment marks, the percentage is calculated. Both are required to complete your programme at IGNOU and be qualified to receive a degree certificate from the university.


If a student has completed all of the necessary exams and has received their complete IGNOU Grade Card or Result electronically from the university, they can apply the formula below to get their percentage. You can use our instructions and guidelines to figure out the exact exam score you received.

The IGNOU percentage is calculated using the Assignment and Theoretical marks from the Term End Exam. The approach is generally applicable to almost all IGNOU courses.

Assignments (30% weighted): Every semester or college year, candidates must submit their IGNOU assignments to the study centre coordinator.

Exam at the End of the Term (70% Weighted): The IGNOU conducts the exam at the end of the term twice a year in June and December. Upon the completion of assignments, candidates may appear in either of the two session exams.

How to Calculate Accurate IGNOU Percentage?

To calculate your percentage in each exam that the IGNOU conducts, we have developed a detailed example and method. The final exam of your chosen programme will use the same method.

I can help you with calculating your percentage. To calculate your percentage, you will need to know the total marks obtained and the maximum marks for each subject.

Here are the steps to calculate your percentage by using the IGNOU PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR :

  1. Add up the total marks obtained in all the subjects.
  2. Add up the maximum marks for all the subjects.
  3. Divide the total marks obtained by the total maximum marks and multiply by 100 to get your percentage.

For example, if you obtained 80 marks out of 100 in English, 75 marks out of 100 in Mathematics, and 90 marks out of 100 in Science, here’s how you can calculate your percentage:

Total marks obtained = 80 + 75 + 90 = 245 Total maximum marks = 100 + 100 + 100 = 300

Percentage = (245/300) x 100 = 81.67%

Therefore, your percentage for these subjects is 81.67%. So let’s see the table below for your IGNOU Percentage.


Students should take into account the following grading system, which is based on the percentage they obtain on your exam while evaluating their marks.

ignou garde system

The letter grading system is used for grading your assignment marks and theory marks. Following is the list of grades with remarks:

ignou garde system 2

In order to successfully complete a course, IGNOU students need to receive at least a “D” on all of their assignments and term-end tests. Nonetheless, in order to successfully complete a programme from IGNOU, the overall average must score at least a “C.”


In conclusion, figuring out your percentage on Ignou is a simple process. To calculate your percentage, all you need to do is add up all of your marks and then multiply that amount by 100 using the formula (Total marks received / Total marks of all courses). By following the procedure given above, you can quickly ascertain your Ignou percentage and utilise it to monitor your academic development.


Q1: How can I calculate my percentage on Ignou?

You must first figure out your total number of marks for each of your courses to calculate your percentage on Ignou.
Once you have this information, you may get your percentage using the formula below:
Percentage = (Total marks obtained / Total marks of all courses) x 100

For example, let’s say you have obtained a total of 500 marks out of a maximum of 700 in all of your courses. Using the above formula, your percentage would be:

Percentage = (500 / 700) x 100 = 71.43%

Therefore, your percentage on Ignou would be 71.43%

The percentage is calculated by multiplying the total marks obtained by all courses by 100.

Say, for illustration, that across all of your courses, you received a total of 500 marks out of a possible 700. Your percentage would be as follows using the formula above:

Percentage equals (500/700) times 100, or 71.43%.

As a result, your Ignou percentage would be 71.43%.

Q2: What is the weightage of Ignou?

In IGNOU, Assignment carries 30% weightage and term-end examination (Theory Marks) carries 70% weightage of your marks. so the total mark in the subject will be = 49+24=73.

Q3: How to calculate the percentage?

Divide the amount by the total value to calculate the percentage, then multiply the resulting number by 100.

Q4: What is the first division of Ignou?

Unsuccessful Lower than 40% Pass Between 40% and 49.9% Second Division Between 50% and 59.9% First Division Over 60%.

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