Is IGNOU Degree Valid?

Is IGNOU Degree Valid or Not?

Is IGNOU Degree Valid?: The validity of the degree, not the program, creates difficulties when a student decides to continue their education through distance learning. Similarly, if your next ambition is to enrol in IGNOU courses, there are probably hundreds of queries running through your mind.

Is IGNOU Degree Valid

The conclusion is yes, therefore instead of starting on a stressful journey, focused on the educational programme you have picked from IGNOU. IGNOU graduates have consistently attracted a variety of jobs and are presently employed by reputable organizations. Even now, the same general framework is being used. IGNOU has awarded significant positions all around the world with its bright students, from teachers to businessmen.

Is IGNOU a Government University?

Is IGNOU a Government University?

We must go through some in-depth information to identify whether IGNOU is a government university or not. The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by the Parliament Act of 1985 and is known by the name IGNOU. IGNOU was founded with the intention of providing top-notch education to needy people. Its teaching philosophy is based on open distance learning, or ODL, which gives students the best possible opportunity to advance their careers.

Since it was established, there is no question that IGNOU is a government university. Another justification for showing its integrity is the purpose behind its establishment.

In a nutshell, IGNOU was founded with the goal to offer cutting-edge, demanding educational programmes in addition to providing higher education to every person in society.

IGNOU has flipped the script with programmes that are flexible and affordable while yet providing recognized degrees that can be accessed anywhere in the world at a time when the fee structure and time of the educational system are growing.

How Can I Get an IGNOU Degree?

Achieving an IGNOU degree will enable you to fulfil some of the most flexible criteria and give you the credibility you need to apply for your desired jobs. We are going to talk about the requirements for graduation from this online learning university.

First Step – Choose the course for which you want to apply for admission to IGNOU. First, check the IGNOU website’s official page for the eligibility requirements. When you’re finished with this task, start working on the next one right away.

Second Step – Here is where you fill out the application for IGNOU course admission. Even though there are open registrations for both the online and offline processes, it is entirely up to you how you want to submit the application.

Third Step – You will definitely get your seat if all the procedures are followed carefully, so pay the payments all at once or in instalments.

Fourth Step – Your main focus right now should be completing the course without getting into any kind of trouble. You will finally appear at the stage of examinations depending on the type, of course, you are pursuing. Make specific attempts to complete each exam with the help of IGNOU course materials, practice questions, etc.

Fifth Step – If you performed exceptionally well in the examinations and ultimately passed, you can get your mark sheet on the IGNOU website. Keep in mind that this grade card is temporary. You must wait for the IGNOU Convocation for a few months before receiving the main degree. It will be delivered to your postal address or else.

These were the five important steps that you might follow to quickly and conveniently obtain a degree from IGNOU University.

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Is IGNOU Degree Valid in Overseas or Foreign Countries?

This response is acceptable in regard to the conversation we were having over “Whether IGNOU is a government university or not.” The degree from IGNOU University is simply valid and recognised in other countries. The strong justification for IGNOU is that it is a government-run university with UGC recognition. Moreover, DEC and AICTE have both approved the degree obtained from this university.

Hence, no one will dispute this possibility intellectually. With IGNOU degrees, you can pursue your aspirations anywhere in the globe, regardless of the degree you currently possess in your hand, such as an undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree.

Is IGNOU Degree Valid to Join Employment Programs?

In 2014, the court questioned whether a student’s status should be determined solely by the fact that his or her degree was earned from a distance-learning institution. No such candidate can be prohibited from employment based on the mentioned condition, the High Court of Allahabad ruled in favour of the validity of IGNOU. The objective of the Parliament Act, under which IGNOU was originally established, will be violated if this is done.

As a result, you are allowed to be using your IGNOU degree to apply for any jobs both locally and globally. IGNOU degrees are similar to those awarded by any Indian university that is recognized, therefore please elaborate. It implies that you hold the key to absolute freedom.

We also won’t ignore the additional factors that influence your choice of course in IGNOU courses.

We have been discussing the validity of the IGNOU degree until this point, and you must have obtained it in that context. Nothing will be missing in the credibility of an IGNOU degree, even if you compare it to one from another recognized Indian university. In addition, IGNOU has long played an important role in the nation and has extended its reach worldwide. It contributes to being a reliable education provider by assisting the students in achieving their professional aspirations while they are situated in any location.


It has become the largest open university thanks to the success of the studies, need-based programmes, technical improvements, international partnerships, and access to top-notch course materials, among other factors.
Almost 3.5 million students are currently being studied by IGNOU, which is proof enough of the quality of its educational offerings.


Q1:How will I get my degree from IGNOU?

Ans: Remember that after submitting the online application, the student has 48 hours or two working days to check their status. By submitting their 9 or 10-digit enrolment number on the Acknowledgement page, students can print their convocation and get an IGNOU degree certificate.

Q2: Is the degree of IGNOU valid?

Ans: Admittedly, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and other Indian regulatory bodies accept and recognise the degrees granted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The biggest open university in the world is IGNOU, which has government approval. It offers an extensive selection of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programmes in a number of academic fields, including, among others, the arts, sciences, management, and education. Employers, colleges, and other organisations in India and overseas recognise the diplomas and degrees granted by IGNOU.

Q3: Is IGNOU a graduation degree?

Ans: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Education (BEd), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) are just a few of the graduate degrees offered by IGNOU in a variety of subjects. These degrees are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and are regarded as being equal to those conferred by other recognized Indian universities. Therefore, yes, IGNOU does provide graduation degrees in various academic subjects.

Q4: Is an Online degree from IGNOU valid?

Ans: Undoubtedly, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and other Indian regulatory bodies accept and recognise the online degrees granted by IGNOU. The biggest open university in the world, IGNOU, provides a variety of online courses and programmes in numerous academic fields. Employers, colleges, and other organisations in India and worldwide recognise the online degrees and certifications that IGNOU awards. It is crucial to remember that the reputation and accreditation of the institution awarding an online degree determine its validity. IGNOU is an example of a government-approved institution whose online degrees are regarded as legitimate and trustworthy.

Q5: What is the graduation fee for IGNOU?

Ans: According to the programme or course you are enrolled in, IGNOU’s graduation fees change. Undergraduate programmes often cost between INR 6,000 and INR 12,000 for the entire programme, whereas postgraduate programmes typically cost between INR 10,000 and INR 25,000. To find out the most recent price schedule, it is always advised to consult the IGNOU official website or get in touch with the regional centre. There might also be additional fees, such as those for exams, registration, and late submissions, among others, which depend on the programme and the university’s policies.

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